Office Cleaning Of Phoenix

Office Cleaning Of Phoenix

For years, the figures used in statistics have been reduced by Office Cleaning Of Phoenix to tell how many bacteria are in offices rather than bathrooms.

We provide a wide range of services to allow us to do this, which helps keep your office running as it should, resulting in a cleaner work atmosphere, higher employee morale, efficiency, and less sickness downtime.

With the current environment and its limitations, supporting the best office cleaning workers to keep the workspaces safe and clean is more relevant. Any office owner or manager must concentrate on the company and leave the high office cleaning levels to the eligible workers we appoint to the office cleaning duties.

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    Office Cleaning Of Phoenix Duties

    Our professional office cleaners’ variety of tasks goes well beyond any list you can put on paper. There is now such a focus on office cleaners to clean traces of allergens from upholstery, carpets and drapes or window blinds, to removing areas of germs and bacteria.

    The regular tasks we perform as the starting point for any office cleaning job in Phoenix can be found here.

    • Toilet and sink room washing and disinfecting
    • Cleaning and sanitation of areas of the canteen or break rooms
    • Sterilization of the areas of heavy contact (switches, telephones, door handles etc)
    • Dusting shelving, window sills, blinds and heavy dust storage areas
    • Cleaning the upholstery and cushion straightening
    • Sweeping and mopping surfaces
    • Carpeted floor vacuuming (carpet washing upon request
    • Clean all glass and mirrors inside
    • Clean garbage cans and replace bags
    • Sanitization of tables and desks
    • Desk and ceiling fan cleaning

    Green Cleaning Phoenix Offices

    Office Cleaning Of Phoenix provides every commercial company with our distinctive green cleaning office cleaning service at no extra cost. We have taken the green cleaning approach for years to provide our customers with a forward-thinking advantage.

    Like several others, we learned that cleaning materials lead to problems with indoor air quality. Many traditional commercial cleaning products contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and cause workers to suffer respiratory problems, headaches, and other common symptoms.

    Individual compounds are worse if there are kids or others with documented allergic reactions or weakened immune systems. Office Cleaning Of Phoenix adopted these green products to assist with:

    • Health and safety for employees and visitors
    • Government regulations
    • Reduced waste and cost
    • Adherence to recycling compliance
    • A wish to help the environment

    Our cleaners use devices that also improve the green cleaning approach. Instead of spreading it, microfiber cloths attract dirt, and our vacuums are all 4-stage HEPA filters that can extract the smallest mold, dust and pollen traces with 99.99 percent effectiveness.

    Do You Need Proffessional Office Cleaning Staff?

    Setting the First Impression

    Potential customers visiting your place of business will judge your company based on how clean your place of business is, and the quality of your goods or services. It might not be a rational inference, but what they can see is, sadly, what customers determine. Any business would like to build a good first impression, and the best way to do this is for the office to be cleaned by Office Cleaning Of Phoenix.

    We trust we will make you happy with our office cleaning services. You can see the advantages of different cleaning methods such as washing, deep cleaning, internal glass cleaning, dusting and polishing. From a drab appearance to an environment that is new and rejuvenated, you will increase your organization’s stature and appearance.

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    “I needed my offices cleaned thoroughly to make sure it was healthy for staff to return to work. I was astounded at the difference Office Cleaning Of Phoenix made to a place I’d been in every day for years. Fantastic, and now moved to regular cleaning.”

    Tim Allen, Phoenix

    “Over the years, I’ve seen all kinds of companies offer cleaning. When Office Cleaning Of Phoenix approached me, I thought I’d seen and heard it all before. Once the cleaning crew had finished, the offices were more like a show home than a place of work. Very impressed and are now using regularly.”

    Shaun, Phoenix

    Office Cleaning Of Phoenix Commitment

    Instead of going through a predetermined list of procedures, we are dedicated to providing all clients with the right quality office cleaning and janitorial services and customizing cleaning solutions to existing problems.  Our cleaning team members are extensively vetted, trained, and undergo ongoing training along with the right equipment to achieve high-quality services. To provide consumers with worry-free cleaning experiences, Office Cleaning Of Phoenix adheres to strict quality management standards and protocols.

    We use managerial visits, questionnaires, input from customers and thorough documentation of the services offered. We are dedicated to offering customer service and ensuring that our clients receive the value and satisfaction they deserve. You need to talk to the cleaning professionals of Office Cleaning Of Phoenix if you need more than a traditional office cleaning company and want the services of one that can tend to you 24/7.

    When you value your clients’ impression and all your workers’ wellbeing, you need our dedicated cleaners’ exclusive cleaning services. No matter the office’s size under your control, our skilled cleaners will do whatever they can to make you feel proud of your office’s appearance.

    Do You Need Proffessional Office Cleaning Staff?

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